Protect your Creationist beliefs

creationism protect
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Kansas Classroom

Science has been canceled.
magic science cartoon
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Useless approach

cartoon approach xkcd
By Xkcd

Schrodinger Fridge

Colapsing beer.
schrodinger cartoon
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Geologist at lunch

geologist cartoon
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New Orleans situation

Big problem.
orleans problem
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The Mad Scientist Show

Staring Dr. Pilkenstein.

Not so funny. :-)

Quantum junction

quantum junction
Quantum junction>
Get in both lanes.

Aliens and UFOs Among Us

Photoshop contest.
play alien magazine

Not valid in Kansas

Sign on a PCR ( Polymerase chain reaction ) machine at CSU.
kansas valid machine
Creationist are funny. hehe

Enro, scientifique et citoyen