NASA Urine Recycler

NASA developed a system of recycling urine for space missions. Check out!

Test 10,445 …

Mushroom life

mushroom level life photoshop

Via Rainha Vermelha

Doritos ad – Broadcast their advertising into space

Apparently unconvinced that the whole of Planet Earth is a large enough customer base, Doritos is teaming up with astronomers to broadcast their advertising into space.

The winner


We taste like chicken… and Doritos.

Amateur Transplants – Drug Song

Aspirine, adrenaline, aminophylline, adenosine, penicillin…

Monkeys and humans

Mother, never let me hear you tell the children that these humans are descendants of ours.

Creationism – The Globe

Crabs Can Dance! Proved!

Top secret science video. :-)

Its an ad to promote the Audiction website (brazilian version)

First LOLbug? Oh Hi


Via Rainha Vermelha