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Obey the laws of physics

Ideal bumper Sticker.

Obey the laws of physics
Everything else you do
is optional

Thermodynamics of Love – Song



First you have one
It says a ton
Basically saying that something can’t come from nothing

Gives you the sum, of things to and from, making it all – total up – all working out

I should have you all figured
With a law like this in mind
Listen to my reasoning
You should know by now

The thermodynamics of love.

Then you have two
Messing with you
Telling you life is a journey full of disorder
Giving off heat, ordinary feat, and telling you work a bit harder – figure it out.


ITS very simple
very rational
really excerptional
just universal

absolute zero
not moving on
stuck in a standstill
we’re not responsible

Via World´s Fair

Time travel

To impress the inhabitants of the past.

Time travel poster.