6 thoughts on “Creationism – Desert goat herders

  1. lol. it’s kind of true in a few ways. modern man still hasn’t been able to comprehend a different ages’ terms of science. we are still discovering facts we are ignorant to, that pre-existing colonies have already writ in stone.

    this doesn’t appear to be the artist’s intention, but perhaps a higher power is using them =P.

    I think a real scientist rejects nothing, creation nor evolution. they are both names for a process. Evolution’s “god” is clearly unknown, as Creationism’s “god” is an overly pretentious assertion of “fact”.

    We are all in the dark. Seeking light in the ways we know how. It’s amazing.

  2. I agree on all, but on your fourth paragraph. If a real scientist rejects nothing, can we say that he puts probabilities to the processes? Based on the facts, the creationist’s view has 0.0000000….1% chance to be correct. On the same basis, evolution has 0.0000000…1% chance to be false.

    As a scientist, you need to draw a line sometimes, for sake of clarity.

  3. Apparently you have not looked closely at the true biological and geological evidence. Where does your 0.0000000000………1% come from? That’s just the basic assumption that comes when people start with the premise of rejecting something before looking at the evidence. Even a hardcore naturalistic scientist would not put out a number like that.

  4. I love Joachim’s ability to pull “scientific” numbers out of his ass. 🙂

    I want to be that kind of scientist!

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