Disprove Evilution in under 5 minutes


Atheist… Prove that Earth is Round!!!! As*****

10 thoughts on “Disprove Evilution in under 5 minutes

  1. wow…

    it did not start as a big chunk of rock. an infinitely small and infinitely dense particle. all the matter you can see and perceive is 99.99999999999% space. take out alllll that space and thats what we started as. do you think subatomic particles (which are thought to be spherical themselves) that are influenced by near perfectly radial influences (gravity, electromagnetism) would turn out to be anything other than near spherical bodies?

    im not saying your religion is wrong or youre a jackass, but learn some basic physics behind the theories you are attacking, even the basic points of the theories would be good. i would love for you to show me ONE representation of the big bang theory that states that we came from a giant exploded piece of matter as diffuse as the matter we see here on earth.

  2. Colby, have the balls to say that his religion is wrong, because it is. sorry i have to be so rude but common courtesy doesn’t seem to help anyone get any point they are trying to make across these days.

  3. Colby, sorry if you happen to be a girl, i didn’t think of that or any other possibilities. i probably should have said “guts” or something like that.

  4. Ehhhhhh… O.K… Where to even begin???

    First: It’s EVOLUTION! Get it right at least.

    Second: Anyone with a high school education, or at least a middle school education in your case, should know why small bodies like asteroids, comets, or people for that fact aren’t spherical, while very large bodies like planets and stars are: It’s called GRAVITY!!! It’s a force that’s actually responsible for more than making your nuts sag. Look it up.

    Third: Why you think this has anything to do with evolution is an even greater mystery than the head on a hammer head shark (by the way, a highly developed sensory organ superbly adapted for its behavior and environment).

    And finally: As an alleged advocate for organized religion, you seem to know very little of Catholic, Judaic, and Islamic dogma. I’m really being kind on this one.

    This was gutsy on your part. Listening to this, I’m not clear as to how you ever became so sure of yourself. Has anyone ever listened to you and said, “Good point!! That’ll perplex those darn atheists!!”?

    Start doing your homework, you’re a long way from being a compelling spokesman for intelligent design.

    By the way, I’m not an atheist. I’m also not an idiot.

  5. “Colby, have the balls to say that his religion is wrong, because it is.” –Supercoolguy, 2009

    “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” attributed to Charles H. Duell, Commissioner, U.S. patent office, 1899.

    Supercoolguy’s attitude toward religion shows a fallacy perpetrated by science: begin with the assumption that all phenomena exist outside of divine influences, and reject any conclusion that is inconsistent with said assumption.

    Be honest; you don’t know if a religion is right or wrong, just like you don’t yet know the true origin of the universe.

    But at least you used proper grammar and mechanics. Oh, wait….

  6. Actually, I do come from a long line of atheists. Also, I hold that anyone who believes in some omnipotent being is mentally ill. Stuff that in your pipe and tamp it down because you’ll get a better toke than loose leaf. 😉

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