Thermodynamics of a marriage

In an article published on March 31 this year, in the PLOS One, the researcher Jose-Manuel Rey (Madrid, Spain), analyzes the dynamics of the divorce, through an analogy with mathematics in the second law of thermodynamics.

And an important detail… it seems that the article’s author is married, as he dedicated the work to Pepe and Ana Rey Simó.

And the best quote: Love is not enough. Effort is needed to maintain a relationship.

Rey J-M (2010)
A Mathematical Model of Sentimental Dynamics Accounting for Marital Dissolution.
PLoS ONE 5(3): e9881. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0009881

One thought on “Thermodynamics of a marriage

  1. You can’t assure he is married, at most you can say he has two children (he might indeed be divorced or even never married). In Spain, women don’t take their husband’s name in marriage (NEVER), so Ana must be his daughter or sister (Rey, as a name, is not common enough to safely assume they are not blood-related, most probably they are) 🙂

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