Supplementary data

I love this kind of scientific paper!

Robotic love

And, its free!

Beeing a good physicist

Procrastination rules

Lady Gaga – Chromosome

CTTTTAG chromosome
CTTTTAG chromosome
“Everything in your genome, it’s all in the chromosome.”

Educational parody of Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone

Odd University

University of Lincoln advert

Zumbi version

Quantum bags

huge quantum space bags

Are you sick of not having where to store your stuff? All cabinets are full?
Dont worry, there’s room for all at the infinite parallel universes.

Robotic operation

medical prank
The video was made by a medical student Carol Reiley, from American Institute of Johns Hopkins, who used the robot named da Vinci.

Einstein tongue

Why Einstein appears with his tongue hanging out in that famous photo?
There is a truth?
Now look at the story of how it all happened!

Sony Cyber-shot’s new campaign showcasing Albert Einstein.
(ok, just a joke)

Lab Day

Parody of “Friday”

Music by masteremerald123, lyrics by Cody Jackson.

Expressed as a fraction

Can Pi be expressed as a fraction?
A+ Math stundent X Future mathematician
SMBC humor