Dear NASA, Your mom thought I was big enough.
Sincerely, Pluto

If Man Walked on the Moon Today

On the 40th anniversary of the first lunar landing, Slate V imagines how TV news would cover that historic event if it happened today.

Kick me

Practical joke at moon.

Space Station – Speed Limit

speed limit space station

Space Station Construction
Speed Limit 17,500 mph (28,000 km/h)

ESPN – 24 hours of stupidity

Earth turns *around* the sun every 24 hours.


NASA Urine Recycler

NASA developed a system of recycling urine for space missions. Check out!

Test 10,445 …

Doritos ad – Broadcast their advertising into space

Apparently unconvinced that the whole of Planet Earth is a large enough customer base, Doritos is teaming up with astronomers to broadcast their advertising into space.

The winner


We taste like chicken… and Doritos.

Cosmonaut pissing


The first photo shows the tradition of Russian cosmonauts, according to it just before taking their seats inside of the space ship they have to take a leak upon the wheel of the bus which takes them to the launching site.

Lonely Astronaut – TwistedMojo

If NASA stuck you on the moon in 1972, wouldn’t YOU be pissed?

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episódio 3
Episódio 4
Episódio 5
Episódio 6

Asteroid Pluto.

Start caling Pluto an asteroid…
and it starts acting like one.
pluto asteroid