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It´s alive!
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Galapagos Style

The speed of evolution!

As fast as you can.

Virus with style

Virus and retorvirus

Lady Gaga – Chromosome

CTTTTAG chromosome
CTTTTAG chromosome
“Everything in your genome, it’s all in the chromosome.”

Educational parody of Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone

If the creationists out-breed the evolutionist

Do they win by disproving survival of the fittest?
fun image darwin creationism
Good question! :-)

Lady Gaga in The Lab

Lab Romance
I’ll cure your ugly
I’ll cure your disease
I’ll publish papers
As long as they’re free
I’ll wear a glove
I’ll wear a glove

Using the song ‘Bad Romance – Lady Gaga”, a group of researchers, with creativity and time to waste, decided to create a parody of the song.

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