Antibiotic resistance

Psst! Hey kid! Wanna be a superbug …?
Stick some of this into your genome…
Even penicilin won´t be able to harm you…!

It was on a short-cut through the hospital kitchens that Albert was first approached by a member of the Antibiotic Resistance.

Source: Plos Biology article
Does Medicine without Evolution Make Sense?
MacCallum CJ (2007) PLoS Biol 5(4): e112. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.0050112

Drug trial

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Means strength

tattoo robot stupid
Aw, that´s a sick tattoo!
Yeah, bro, it means ´strength´…

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Unicorn – real animal?

If you square a unicorn, will you get a real animal?

– They are afrter you too?
– Guess so…

unicorn fun cartoon

XKCD classics – The Difference

My choice: I wonder if that happens every time.

Cloning – The Tie

I´ve sucessfully cloned myself.
clone cartoon
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Animal experimentation

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Internet X research paper

research paper internet cartoon

Teach both theories

inteligente design
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Physics undergraduate

Being a physics undergraduate in 10 easy steps.
physics cartoon
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