Speed of light

Particles faster than the speed of light?!

Pics or it didn´t happen

Supplementary data

I love this kind of scientific paper!

Robotic love

And, its free!

Beeing a good physicist

Procrastination rules

Real Occam’s razor

It´s so simple!
Just one blade!

If the creationists out-breed the evolutionist

Do they win by disproving survival of the fittest?
fun image darwin creationism
Good question! :-)

Wear an optical illusion

Highlighting body areas with an optical illusion!

Extream fake body

Scientific Nature or Natural Science.

A new scientific journal, that will be called either Scientific Nature or Natural Science.

It is a beautiful work of Rick Rolling, a magazine consultant.


Viva la resistance!


Creationism – Desert goat herders

creationism science poster
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Because desert goat herders living In tents 3000 years ago knew more about the cosmos and biology than modern day scientist