Need LHC

Harder than splitting an atom.

Speed of light

Particles faster than the speed of light?!

Pics or it didn´t happen

Simulation of nuclear blast

Steven Colbert simulate a nuclear explosion.

Quantum bags

huge quantum space bags

Are you sick of not having where to store your stuff? All cabinets are full?
Dont worry, there’s room for all at the infinite parallel universes.

Einstein tongue

Why Einstein appears with his tongue hanging out in that famous photo?
There is a truth?
Now look at the story of how it all happened!

Sony Cyber-shot’s new campaign showcasing Albert Einstein.
(ok, just a joke)

Nuclear humor

The magazine Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is a publication that covers mainly the problem of nuclear weapons, global security and weapons of mass destruction.

The Bulletin published several cartoons on its editions (available online), perhaps with the intention of making the subject lighter.

Love uncertainty principle

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle maybe can explain the difficulty in finding the true love.

Problems with time machines

I have finally made a TIME MACHINE!


Maybe not so simple.

Obey the laws of physics

Ideal bumper Sticker.

Obey the laws of physics
Everything else you do
is optional

Thermodynamics of Love – Song



First you have one
It says a ton
Basically saying that something can’t come from nothing

Gives you the sum, of things to and from, making it all – total up – all working out

I should have you all figured
With a law like this in mind
Listen to my reasoning
You should know by now

The thermodynamics of love.

Then you have two
Messing with you
Telling you life is a journey full of disorder
Giving off heat, ordinary feat, and telling you work a bit harder – figure it out.


ITS very simple
very rational
really excerptional
just universal

absolute zero
not moving on
stuck in a standstill
we’re not responsible

Via World´s Fair