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Becoming a vampire

Published paper!

Becoming a vampire without being bitten: the narrative collective-assimilation hypothesis.

“We propose the narrative collective-assimilation hypothesis—that experiencing a narrative leads one to psychologically become a part of the collective described within the narrative. In a test of this hypothesis, participants read passages from either a book about wizards (from the Harry Potter series) or a book about vampires (from the Twilight series). Both implicit and explicit measures revealed that participants who read about wizards psychologically became wizards, whereas those who read about vampires psychologically became vampires. The results also suggested that narrative collective assimilation is psychologically meaningful and relates to the basic human need for connection. Specifically, the tendency to fulfill belongingness needs through group affiliation moderated the extent to which narrative collective assimilation occurred, and narrative collective assimilation led to increases in life satisfaction and positive mood, two primary outcomes of belonging. The implications for the importance of narratives, the need to belong to groups, and social surrogacy are discussed.”

Psychological Science August 2011 vol. 22 no. 8 990-994

doi: 10.1177/0956797611415541

Bad Project – Lady Gaga

More Lady Gaga in the laboratory.

We have all got stuck in a ‘Bad project’. Science is a trap.

Lab Day

Parody of “Friday”

Music by masteremerald123, lyrics by Cody Jackson.

Strange supplementary data

Strange suggestion in a scientific paper.

Genuine article, published on Journal of Materials Science & Technology, (2010).
Be careful!

Driving blind

To investigate the attention needed to drive, Professor John W. Senders made a strange and dangerous experiment. Building a system with helmet programmed to cover eyes at regular intervals, John noted that attention would be required to maintain a safe path as a function of speed.

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