Quick fix

Excerpt from the book Darwin’s Dangerous Idea, Daniel dennett.

Danny Hillis, the creator of the Connection Machine, once told me a story about some computer scientists who designed an electronic component for a military application (I think it was part of a guidance system in airplanes). Their prototype had two circuit boards, and the top one kept sagging, so, casting about for a quick fix, they spotted a brass doorknob in the lab which had just the right thickness. They took it off its door and jammed it into place between the two circuit boards on the prototype. Sometime later, one of these engineers was called in to look at a problem the military was having with the actual manufactured systems, and found to his amazement that between the circuit boards in each unit was a very precisely milled brass duplicate of the original doorknob.

Extreme alarm clock

Its impossible keep sleeping!

Works with compressed air and an computer.

Means strength

tattoo robot stupid
Aw, that´s a sick tattoo!
Yeah, bro, it means ´strength´…

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Nanodrop – Revolution

The Brown iGEM Team shows off the Nanodrop Spectrophotometer and compares it to regular spectrophotometers.

Gray Goo Nanobots

gray goo bots
Can prevent Gray Goo
Never release nanobots assemblers
without replication limiting code.

Halloween Robots

Scary! :-)

Via Flickr, PaleoFuture

Dog Versus Robot – Territorial Domination!

Nice video of an autonomous Roboquad battling a puppy.
With some Mario NES sound effects.

But does it blend?

Pigeons are FASTER than ADSL

internet pigeons
The participants sent 3 homing pigeons to 100 km distance, each carrying 20-22 tiny memory cards containing 1.3 GB, amounting in total of 4 GB of data.

This marked an improvement over the old Wi-Fly methodology, in which the birds carried paper transmissions.


USB Wine

Download wine from home and straight from the vineyard.

Nano toilet

More nano bizarre
nano toilet

nano jogger

Fishing with Nanotubes
nano fish

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