Simulation of nuclear blast

Steven Colbert simulate a nuclear explosion.

Bad Project – Lady Gaga

More Lady Gaga in the laboratory.

We have all got stuck in a ‘Bad project’. Science is a trap.

Odd University

University of Lincoln advert

Zumbi version

Robotic operation

medical prank
The video was made by a medical student Carol Reiley, from American Institute of Johns Hopkins, who used the robot named da Vinci.

Einstein tongue

Why Einstein appears with his tongue hanging out in that famous photo?
There is a truth?
Now look at the story of how it all happened!

Sony Cyber-shot’s new campaign showcasing Albert Einstein.
(ok, just a joke)

Lady Gaga in The Lab

Lab Romance
I’ll cure your ugly
I’ll cure your disease
I’ll publish papers
As long as they’re free
I’ll wear a glove
I’ll wear a glove

Using the song ‘Bad Romance – Lady Gaga”, a group of researchers, with creativity and time to waste, decided to create a parody of the song.

Science of Ghost Hunting

Muppet Labs Experiment – Trying to find some… ghosts.

and how to become one of them.

The Limits of Science

Mr. Show

Man’s greatest achievement: the wheelbarrow

If Man Walked on the Moon Today

On the 40th anniversary of the first lunar landing, Slate V imagines how TV news would cover that historic event if it happened today.

Fun With Homeopathy

Hilarious sketch from the fourth episode of series three of ‘That Mitchell and Webb Look.’